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Trading halted for volatility
Voting halted for volatility
Social media halted for volatility
Constitution suspended for volatility
Throwing you in the gulag for vo

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reddit users buy a stock = stopped in a day

banks gamble away the whole economy = bailed out

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In Stunning Reversal Of Previous Administration, New Biden COVID Plan Features Mask Wearing, Vaccinations, And Travel Bans

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Next thing you know, we will ask permission to be human.

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'You Can Reopen Now!' Governor Newsom Shouts At Row Of Abandoned, Dilapidated Buildings

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What else does a hexagonical maniac need to back up the seedphrases.

- Nothing.

I have a very smol dick so I harass people online to make up for it.

Our World. Our Way.
The Greater Reset Activation: January 25th - 29th, 2021

The Greater Reset is the world’s collective response to the World Economic Forum’s Initiative: The Great Reset.

#Agora #countereconomics

it would be good to be prepared for the moment that comes under attack, exploiting legal or other loopholes

it's not a matter of *if*, but *when*

it's a bit of a single point of failure which makes it an attractive target for people on a crusade against bitcoin

if you want to help, make mirrors (can we do something like "deterministic verifiable builds for websites"?), host the files, seed the torrents, show them what censorship resistance means

Very curious read..

TL;DR the 3 largest #bitcoin seizures of the US Justice system of the last half year (together ~70,000 BTC) were all published the evening before a big news event: election night, new years eve and inauguration day

Next step: essential websites, code and services. The level 1 faketoshi decentralisation practice. This is good for Bitcoin.

What The Actual Fuck???
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What an absolute fucking shitshow, anyone involved in this 'review' should be ashamed of themselves.


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If you're an admin of a Bitcoin related Mastodon/Pleroma instance, consider adding yourself to the relay I've set up. It should get your users access to the Bitcoin related content to their federated timelines. Follow the instructions here.

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