So far in June our little LN node has forwarded 83 payments totaling 16,030,718 sats. 60% of them were among @TheBitcoinConf participants and 23% were sent to El Salvador.


A routing node has no idea where its forwards are coming from or going to.

Just noticed our shop didn't list El Salvador as a shipping destination 😮 😮 😮
This grave omission has now been corrected and Salvadorians can enjoy stamping 4mm stainless steel and self-custody of their legal tender 😉😎

Number doesn’t go up
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If you understood the history. You'd understand why fiat was removed from @SamouraiWallet

It was removed because people actually used it. And their support tickets about price differentiation was a vast majority. People didn't understand that price can ... 1/

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Sacrificing privacy due to omnipresent NgU and KYC/AML compliant narratives is at odds with the cypherpunk, adversarial, actual use cases of early bitcoin days. Remember to slay your heroes should they start getting complacent with undermining practices that bend BTC's use cases.

Bitcoin censorship will most likely come and it won’t require 51% hashpower. A mere 10% will be enough (the minority rule) according to @jurbed’s unpopular opinion.
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@dfrumps If there are two blocks at the same blockheight, a rational miner will switch from the first one to the censored one. But that's not even the strongest problem, with one other weak assumption, you can just force compliance. Here's how:


Yesterday I was pleased to host a meeting between leading Bitcoin devs and users running nodes. The devs agreed to implement a mechanism in Bitcoin node software that rejects blocked mined by OFAC compliant pools and those dependent on gov subsidies. Potentially promising.
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Yesterday I was pleased to host a meeting between @elonmusk & the leading Bitcoin miners in North America. The miners have agreed to form …

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German Bundesbanker (Germany’s arm of the @ecb):

“Run your own [] Node.”

They’re saying the quite part out loud.

That’s hate speech. Blocked and reported.
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Get your COVID-19 jab - or you could face consequences from your employer

“Such conflict avoidance means that individuals are afraid to ‘live in truth’ (Václav Havel)”
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Have you ever wondered how the Chinese Communist Party's censorship regime works at home and abroad? What follows is a short thread 🧵 /1

This sci-fi look is quickly becoming reality. Despite 2020 being a huge win for Schwab and his WEF friends I still believe in regular plebs standing up against the tyranny. We need Bitcoin but above all we need to understand what’s being built and opt-out of this system.
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1/ **A World Without Bitcoin**

What would the future look like if Satoshi had never invented decentralized digital scarcity?

If we didn't have open-s…

Wow. Such green. Much sustainable.
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At this rate of growth it will surpass the combined storage capacity of the planet in under two months

The West hasn’t seen hyperinflation yet (for the most part). The big question is how likely it is given the reserve status of the dollar and how much can Bitcoin shield a hodler from its effects.

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The best way I can describe that hyperinflationary period using my pleb vocabulary is this: Imagine all your parents life savings and pensions becoming worthless in a matter of months and some essential basic goods and services becoming unavailable.

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I keep some of these multi million banknotes next to my Coldbit plates as a reminder of my country’s recent history.
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The hyperinflation gallery - now with better photos, more currencies, updated text; 43 examples, two still missing:

Working on an alchemical process that turns regular stainless steel into gold :) Coldbit Hex - Goldrush will be available in June 2021 at

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