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UK can keep a publisher in a max security prison even though his predicament has been recognized as torture by all human rights expert because he was smeared by the media, until people forgot the amazing work @wikileaks and have done for us all.

Work together to contaminate common input ownership heuristics used by chain analysis. Help improve privacy by paying mining fees to pollute the transaction graph with a 1 satoshi Stowaway payment. 👉bitcoinenemies.com/gretas-fury 👈

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Some screenshots from the latest webinar organized by Crystal, Bitfury’s chain surveillance software.


Add entropy everywhere, crush chain surveillance firms.

You probably didn’t notice but 1 Bitcoin has just crossed 200,000 PLN (Polish Zloty). This is the currency we use to pay for our steel and titanium supplies. Only 54 days since 100k. 🎊🥳🎉
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You probably didn't notice but Bitcoin already crossed 100k PLN (Polish Zloty) recently. This is the currency we still use to pay for our metal supplies. According to our estimates 99.9% of people using PLN daily didn't registe…

Operation is about to commence and the graph is about to get polluted. Pass the ocean boiling torch and win cold steel here: bitcoinenemies.com/gretas-fury

Focus on this instead of the price action. You can thank @BitcoinQ_A later.
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Letting go of the guide rails can be a scary thought, but you don't need to do it all at once. Pick one, get comfortable, then move on.

Don't strive for perfection, strive for better.


A 14 yo kid who loves and Photoshop and is losing his sight. We sent him a photo of the System Shock bundle and some sats and he came back with this cool mashup. Please consider working with him and donating his awesome work. You'll find more info in the thread below. 👇
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[1/9] I met a very talented 14 year old who loves to do image manipulation and t.co/q2RNXnMW7C

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@ColdbitWallet 's hex cold storage option is neat. Different from the typical steel plate approach. Sort of like a "bar" of digital gold: coldbit.com/product/coldbit-he

Keep your online activity, identity and location private. You can now buy 1 month of @mullvadnet VPN subscription for just 11,700 sats (4.50 EUR) and pay anonymously with Lightning here 👉 coldbit.com/product/1-month-mu 👈

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📣 Let's do it! 📣

Operation Smash the Hedge Funds:

🔔 $1B Hedge Fund Shorts on CME

Daily RSI at Lowest Point since September

❗Market buy on Friday, Jan. 29, 12pm UTC 🚀

7:00am - NY
6:00am - Chicago
5:00am - Denver
4:00am - LA twitter.com/whalecalls/status/


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