Number doesn’t go up
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If you understood the history. You'd understand why fiat was removed from @SamouraiWallet

It was removed because people actually used it. And their support tickets about price differentiation was a vast majority. People didn't understand that price can ... 1/

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German Bundesbanker (Germany’s arm of the @ecb):

“Run your own [] Node.”

They’re saying the quite part out loud.

That’s hate speech. Blocked and reported.
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Get your COVID-19 jab - or you could face consequences from your employer

“Such conflict avoidance means that individuals are afraid to ‘live in truth’ (Václav Havel)”
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Have you ever wondered how the Chinese Communist Party's censorship regime works at home and abroad? What follows is a short thread 🧵 /1

I keep some of these multi million banknotes next to my Coldbit plates as a reminder of my country’s recent history.
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The hyperinflation gallery - now with better photos, more currencies, updated text; 43 examples, two still missing:

Join the thousands already protected. You need at least 2 pieces of metal and a node for maximum protection. Every Bitcoin hodler who self custodies his Bitcoin gives us hope.
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Every vaccination gives us hope....

Bullish AF 😀 Do you know what goes well with SLIP39 wallets ? Coldbit metal backups on hex rods:
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v6.1.0 is out - Monster release 🔥


- Tor support
- Hierarchy Navigator (List of addresses)
- Slip39 wallets (Shamir's Secret Sharing)
- PSBT for all HD watch-only wallets
- as the main explorer


DID YOU KNOW? You can paste your public PGP key when placing your Coldbit order and we'll use it to encrypt our sensitive emails to you (order tracking link and VPN codes).

Coldbit Steel - The System Shock edition is back in stock. A unique seed backup in stainless steel.

We used lasers before it was cool. Cutting Coldbit foam with a CO2 laser in our cozy and warm shop.

Dat feeling when you find a few million sats sitting in a lightning node you setup months ago and then almost completely forgot about.

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Reminder that is imprisoned for exposing this. Everything else is retaliation for telling the truth. Journalism is not a crime. The moment you let them censor someone you help them win. If we can’t know the truth we hold no power or freedom.

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This isn’t the post-civilization aesthetic I ordered

We've redesigned the Coldbit Jig. It's larger, safer and more comfortable to use (less strain on your Abductor Pollicis thumb muscles) during long seed stamping sessions.

"Store your Bitcoin private key encrypted in the cloud" - they said.
"It'll be fun" - they said

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UK can keep a publisher in a max security prison even though his predicament has been recognized as torture by all human rights expert because he was smeared by the media, until people forgot the amazing work @wikileaks and have done for us all.

Work together to contaminate common input ownership heuristics used by chain analysis. Help improve privacy by paying mining fees to pollute the transaction graph with a 1 satoshi Stowaway payment. 👉 👈

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