Bitcoin censorship will most likely come and it won’t require 51% hashpower. A mere 10% will be enough (the minority rule) according to @jurbed’s unpopular opinion.
RT @jurbed
@dfrumps If there are two blocks at the same blockheight, a rational miner will switch from the first one to the censored one. But that's not even the strongest problem, with one other weak assumption, you can just force compliance. Here's how:


Basic conversation reduction:
Jur - The air is green and rabbits fly.
Daniel - your clueless, here’s why...
Jur - well the air your walking on is made from straw
Daniel - are you even on this planet?

@coldbit The real rebuttal:
If a miner spends their energy and finds a block they will begin working on finding the next one. There is no world where they will forgo their computational power to build upon a block found at the same time as theirs regardless of censorship or not. The race is on for that next block and the longest chain continues as the shortest is orphaned.

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