Coldbit Steel - The System Shock edition is back in stock. A unique seed backup in stainless steel.

Thread by @Beautyon_: The CCI is the DCG 2.0. it's a regrouped, re-branded anti-Bitcoin association from the 2017 Block Size War, with the same bad characters and actors trying to co-opt Bitcoin by virtue of their ...…

Stamping seeds in metal is ancient tech. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our partnership with SeedSwap - FinTech experts on blockchain seed storage. No need to stamp metal, no risk of losing your seed, full V AML compliance. More details soon.

We used lasers before it was cool. Cutting Coldbit foam with a CO2 laser in our cozy and warm shop.

We’ve been doing this for years. No one gave a sh!t. Now some Elon Copycat comes and tweets about it and everyone loses their mind. What’s wrong with you people ?? 😂😂😂
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Tesla is using only internal & open source software & operates Bitcoin nodes directly.

Bitcoin paid to Tesla will be retained as Bitcoin, not converted to fiat currency.

Dat feeling when you find a few million sats sitting in a lightning node you setup months ago and then almost completely forgot about.

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Reminder that is imprisoned for exposing this. Everything else is retaliation for telling the truth. Journalism is not a crime. The moment you let them censor someone you help them win. If we can’t know the truth we hold no power or freedom.

Hear, hear!
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Your bitcoin setup is adequate when nothing anyone says can stop you using bitcoin.

Few take as proactive measures to convince Bitcoiners to self-custody and self-sign their transactions and self-host their nodes as FATF.
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FATF on track to destroy great businesses like @CasaHODL, @unchainedcap, @hodlhodl and many others. If implemented as drafted, the non-custodial co signers suddenly become VASP-s, forcing a full surveillance regime. See 61.

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We'll be giving the remaining prize booty to Stowaway Saturday participants 👀👀

x3 Coldbit 1mo MullvadVPN credits
x1 Coldbit Steel - Samourai edition
x1 Samourai privacy human fight hoodie
x1 Samourai dice
x1 CypherSafe steel recovery tags

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Real life doctor versus government bureaucrat doctor. Goes as expected. KO. This clip is incredible.

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This isn’t the post-civilization aesthetic I ordered

We've redesigned the Coldbit Jig. It's larger, safer and more comfortable to use (less strain on your Abductor Pollicis thumb muscles) during long seed stamping sessions.

⚡️4.89 BTC routed last month in 2054 off-chain transactions. Just a pleb merchant+routing node running C-Lightning + Postgresql, nothing fancy 😁
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⚡️5.39 BTC ($312k) routed last month

"Store your Bitcoin private key encrypted in the cloud" - they said.
"It'll be fun" - they said

OVH datacentre in Strasbourg destroyed in fire. Hope you didn't store your keys there but on a chunky piece of metal that survives such fires.

Taking custody of your money doesn't sound that far-fetched and irresponsible now, does it ?
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Over 200 banks in Germany are requiring customers to pay 0.5% interest to hold money in their bank account.

The system designed to quietly steal from you through monetary debasement is now actively charging you to use it.

Opt out.

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UK can keep a publisher in a max security prison even though his predicament has been recognized as torture by all human rights expert because he was smeared by the media, until people forgot the amazing work @wikileaks and have done for us all.

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