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@SenTedCruz @BitcoinIsSaving Senator Shelby understands Bitcoin.

If you’d like to buy Coldbit Steel and pay with fiat it’s a good idea to hurry up and place your orders soon before we have to restock. Shipping next week. If you’re paying with Bitcoin you can chill out 😎

From 1st of July Coldbit will stop shipping metal wallets to EU countries due to new VAT regulations. We're a small metalworking shop. For us the accounting admin is too burdensome and not worth it. The EU is a bureaucratic nightmare. We'll still ship outside the EU.

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Please to announce the launch of multisig.guide to help you set up a sovereign 2-of-3 multisig wallet using


Also included a recovery guide using @SparrowWallet + optional mobile watch only with @bluewalletio

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Some of you wouldn't even recognize tyranny if they forced you to wear a mask and prohibited you from getting within 1.5 meters of a fellow human being.

Wondering if her wallet will accept coinjoined UTXOs 🤔
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10k Sats says in the next 12 months that App will morph into your

C ommunism
B acked
D igital
C urrency

Wallet twitter.com/Lukewearechange/st

YT censored a 3 hour long in-depth discussion between the inventor of mRNA vaccines, an evolutionary biologist and an enterpreneur because IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH and FREEDOM IS SLAVERY.
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Well, youtube has now taken down the Bret Weinstein Darkhorse video involving Bret, Steve and I - After 798,000 views - because it violated community standards.

When you set out to create a leap towards better financial inclusion for everyone using a permissionless network but end up creating a KYC compliance company that spies on your users, actively surveils the network and decides who can transact and who cannot. 🤡
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"We have created a payment rail that can process cross border payments immediately, at a low cost... a leap towards better financial inclusion for everyone”


Cypherpunks require KYC verification and seek state regulation compliance.
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While the true non-custodial Lightning-cypherpunk dream is under construction, @bottlepay is filling the gap for EU citizens who don't care about mempools or channels. I believe this is exactly what we need at this stage to further adoption of twitter.com/bottlepay/status/1

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In a free & permissionless system I have a choice to opt out of communicating with @bottlepay's attack node(s). This is an attack on and as a Lightning node operator, you may want to consider how you will respond to this threat. twitter.com/ColdbitWallet/stat

Running BIP300 youtube.com/watch?v=oga8Pwbq9M
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Bip300 (my project) allows us to:

* Shrink the layer1 blocksize
* Have ultra-strong zCash privacy/mixing
* Emulate any Altcoin (making Alt-marketing ~impossible)
* Scale BTC worldwide
* Painlessly activate new soft forks or even hard forks

And it is 100% opt in and reversible.

Narrator: "It was irrelevant"
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@Frances_Coppola @jasonklau 1) Name me one Exim developer who can accurately describe how the International Postal Service works
2) Name me one web developer who can accurately describe how physical book and magazine publishing works
3) Name me one streaming producer who can describe record label regulation

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HODLing is a lot like peeing in your wetsuit, no one else can see it, but you can feel the warmth.

So far in June our little LN node has forwarded 83 payments totaling 16,030,718 sats. 60% of them were among @TheBitcoinConf participants and 23% were sent to El Salvador.


A routing node has no idea where its forwards are coming from or going to.

Just noticed our shop didn't list El Salvador as a shipping destination 😮 😮 😮
This grave omission has now been corrected and Salvadorians can enjoy stamping 4mm stainless steel and self-custody of their legal tender 😉😎

Number doesn’t go up
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If you understood the history. You'd understand why fiat was removed from @SamouraiWallet

It was removed because people actually used it. And their support tickets about price differentiation was a vast majority. People didn't understand that price can ... 1/

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